Tracks added

This evening I added two new tracks to my website and also to Reverbnation- " Living in The Present," and "A Beautiful World."  Our daughter Gena Rockwell and her friend, Jade Pope sing harmony on "A Beautiful World." 

 Todd Stotler at Echoes Recording studio in Sharpsburg, MD did a fantastic job mastering the album.

  I'm very excited about the forthcoming release.  Kelly Carmichael is currently working on the album cover

 Transformation will be distributed worldwide on the Canadian American record label. Most likely during the month of December.   I am not sure of all the sites it will be available on, but one of them is  I'll update once I find out more info. 

We would like to have release party/ concert locally sometime in the spring. 

Again, I'll keep you posted about where and when. (about the CD release, that is.)  The thought of planning a CD release party right now  makes my head spin, but we're hoping to do something around the time of the spring equinox. 

Many blessings to each of you and your loved ones during this season of beauty and joy!

Betty Jo

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