One thing I've always wanted to do well is gardening.  I haven't achieved that goal.  I jumped at the opportunity to take an early out from teaching Music for Berkeley County Schools in WV.  It was my plan, after all;  I never intended to stay in the profession for nearly as long as I had. Anyways, this is the first year that I havent been the last person in the EP to get anything planted.

I stopped by the hardware store in Martinsburg.  I wanted a couple packs of flower seeds.  I saw a lady buying seeds and…Read more

A feather from above 

Well I have two hours until my appointment at Alborne's in Ellwood City to get my oil changed before I hit the road back to Shepherdstown.   I figured it's time to write about the synchronicities I have experienced on my trip. 

I missed my exit yesterday while daydreaming.  After backtracking from the next exit I saw that the exit I was supposed to take was blocked by a fire engine. 

I went to the grocery store and bought a few things.  Paid cash and found I had exactly enough money left to get home.  
$33.00…Read more

A New Era 

Lest I lose my train of thought.  I feel we are in a new era. Life changes so quickly.  I am feeling the shift as we speak.  Noticing today at the grocery store- girl scouts with cookies- I dodge them; rehearsing what I will say if approached, "I'm sorry sweetie.  I can't eat them."  Luckily they didn't ask.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  I head back to the produce department and ask for banana boxes.  I had called earlier.  "Yes you can come and get some."  "Be careful.  They have a hole in the bottom."
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technology and a snow day (or two) 

Yesterday we had a lovely snow day. Took the dogs for a walk at dusk- wow!  Beauty everywhere!  ( A new song may arise from the experience.) Today we're having a snow day too.  What a blessing... I love snow days!    I have so many things to do around the house.    Yet here I sit at the computer?

I am going to disappear for a while now,  doing some things I've been wanting to do since last summer.  (Like arranging my writing studio- yes it's away from all the electronic toys and other such distractions.) 

I…Read more

New Album  

The album Transformation arrived yesterday at our home as we returned from a visit to Ellwood City, PA to spend Christmas time with my family. 

How exciting!  It's done!  It took a long time to get it together, but I'm very happy that we did.  My husband Scott did most of the production work on  the album.  He played most of the instruments on it, too.  He has a seemingly infinite number of ideas about how to add stylistic variety to my basic songs. 

We also had guest artists involved, including Terry Tucker…Read more

Tracks added 

This evening I added two new tracks to my website and also to Reverbnation- " Living in The Present," and "A Beautiful World."  Our daughter Gena Rockwell and her friend, Jade Pope sing harmony on "A Beautiful World." 

 Todd Stotler at Echoes Recording studio in Sharpsburg, MD did a fantastic job mastering the album.

  I'm very excited about the forthcoming release.  Kelly Carmichael is currently working on the album cover

 Transformation will be distributed worldwide on the Canadian American record label…Read more


I am delighted with all the positive and loving feedback I received after posting a photo (on the spur of the moment) from my photo shoot with a lovely and talented young photographer Ms. Katie Place. We were doing some pix. for my new album Transformation. I tossed one "out there" and was overwhelmed with all the people who liked the picture. Thank you to everyone! I had no idea of how well received the picture would be! The album has taken on a life of its own at this point. It will be done when…Read more

Finishing the album 

We're in the final phase of recording  of our second album , "Transformation."   Its been a long time in the making.  I'm very excited about being on the Canadian American record label. 

We have one more song to mix- photos for the cover, mastering, duplication, and release coming up.  I'm going to go ahead and release it digitally as soon as it's ready. 
I'll also add songs to the music player on this website after they have been mastered. 

Would love to have a release event locally.  Not sure when or where…Read more

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 

On the last weekend in March I went to visit Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

My companions and I were amazed at the beautiful pyramid style of architecture. Narrow escalators take visitors up and down six levels of relics from the history of this distinctly American, once controversial art form.

A beautiful view of Lake Erie is visible through the glass walls of this amazing place.

A movie entitled Mystery Train on the lower level introduces the audience to the roots of Rock and Roll, which…

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