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The album Transformation arrived yesterday at our home as we returned from a visit to Ellwood City, PA to spend Christmas time with my family. 

How exciting!  It's done!  It took a long time to get it together, but I'm very happy that we did.  My husband Scott did most of the production work on  the album.  He played most of the instruments on it, too.  He has a seemingly infinite number of ideas about how to add stylistic variety to my basic songs. 

We also had guest artists involved, including Terry Tucker who played a haunting organ part as well as an uplifting piano accompaniment on the title song, Transformation. 
Terry also helped me make the decision about when to hold the release event.  "Spring equinox,''  we agreed one fall day as we just happened to meet in  Berkeley Springs, WV.  A great musician and also a great friend!

Gena Rockwell, our lovely daughter, and her also lovely friend Jade Pope sang beautiful harmonies on the songs Transformation, A Beautiful World, and also on Fool Moon.  Hearing their ethereal voices has been calming to my restless soul during the process of making the album. 

We were fortunate to have T-Roy, master percussionist,  play on True Love.  His work is outstanding and truly enhances this Latin- type love song.

Joseph Welz, of Bill Haley's Comets greatly encouraged me to finish the album.  He produced and arranged  the songs, Fool Moon, Destination Blue, and Listen. His musicality is  truly a gift from above. His keyboard style and skills are one of a kind.  

Joey took an interest in my music and has also recorded some of my songs himself.  He did versions of Famous Rock Star and Listen as well as his own interpretation of Destination Blue.  He is always positive, open minded, and has amazing energy.  Joey invited us to release the album Transformation on the Canadian American Record label.  It's a dream come true for me, and he will take the album to France to the Midem Music Conference in January to promote it to foreign labels.  Joey is also responsible for much of my airplay in many countries all over the world. 

Another part of this album that I'm extremely proud of is the cover.  Graphic artist, Kelly Carmichael did an amazing job putting it together.  I love how he worked in the swirl theme of the painting through the design of the cover.  The album cover is truly a work of art. 

Katie Place took the photos for the album cover.  She is a talented young lady;  a working mom, and also a family friend of many years.  Katie has an artistic eye and a passion for photography.  She was able to work in the photo shoot while juggling her family obligations.  I have been there as well and understand how difficult it can be.   I thank her for her beautiful work. I also have a  great appreciation for making time for your passion amongst all the other responsibilities life brings.

Todd Stotler of Echoes Recording Studio in Sharpsburg, MD put the icing on the cake with his expert mastering services.  A professional, through and through, he gave us a clear and objective picture of the project in technical terms. He was able to apply the finishing touches to the album and make it into a sparkling, cohesive work. 

We sent it to Disc Makers for replication and production of the finished product.  They had a site where we could track each step of the process.  It was fun to check on the CD's progress while we were visiting my folks in PA.   I am very pleased with their excellent and timely work. 

Joey Welz will be distributing the music on the Canadian American record label in over 85 countries worldwide.  It will be available for physical sales as well as digital downloads.  It takes about 5 weeks, so I'm guessing around Valentines Day it should be pretty well "out there." 

CD release event will be held on Saturday, March 22 at the Train Station in Shepherdstown, WV.  I'll provide more details as the event gets closer.

I guess that's all I have to say for now.  One thing I do want to mention is how much I love getting together  with my classmates from the Weir High Class of '79.

My heart is full-  they have been so supportive of me!  I'm truly blessed to have them as friends after all these years. 

I'm also blessed to live in the vibrant artistic community of Shepherdstown, WV.  It's truly a mystical and spiritual place and I love my friends here as well.  

 I also love my  co-workers at Tomahawk Intermediate School. They  are tremendously supportive of my efforts with the Music program at the school as well as my career as an artist.  They are truly a blessing to our students. 

One final note:  Thank you to my wonderful family for their support of my music throughout the years.  There's a special thank you to my Pop, Eugene Ierace on the album cover.  He has been a great influence on my becoming a musician.  Always encouraging.  Always interested. 

May the New Year bring each of you much joy and many blessings. 

Betty Jo


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