Finishing the album

We're in the final phase of recording  of our second album , "Transformation."   Its been a long time in the making.  I'm very excited about being on the Canadian American record label. 

We have one more song to mix- photos for the cover, mastering, duplication, and release coming up.  I'm going to go ahead and release it digitally as soon as it's ready. 
I'll also add songs to the music player on this website after they have been mastered. 

Would love to have a release event locally.  Not sure when or where.  Maybe if I keep my eyes open something will come to me.  Maybe at the Mec. 

I'm going to sent this out to the universe and see where it flies.  The local release event may be after the holiday season.  But that's O.K.   After all, what's the rush? 


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