New Album

Scott and I released our new album this summer.  Release date was June 30, 2020.  I waited a few weeks for it to be distributed to all the music sites and made an announcement on social media on Thursday, July 16. 

The album is available on Apple Music, Amazon digital services and many other music distribution sites.

According to Elizabeth Peru, there had been a powerful cosmic shift that day, so I thought it would be a good time to let people know it's out there.   Once again, I thank Joey Welz of Canadian American records for distributing the album on his label. Joey has been very encouraging and has helped me along the way.  I am grateful for his expertise of the music business.  His diverse and amazing background is one of a kind and spans decades of modern music history.    

Scott recorded and mixed the songs as well as playing most instruments.  He has a knack of taking a song of mine and giving it a style of it's own.  He's very creative and such a great musician.  I really appreciate all he does.

We had fun adding an accordion part to "Restless Soul," a tribute to my Pop, Eugene Ierace. (1930-2018)

Neither one of us knows how to play accordion, but between the two of us and some white-out dots, we managed to add an accordion track. 

We were very fortunate to have John Turner assist us with the album.  His powerful guitar riffs give the songs depth and harmonious texture.  I truly appreciate his unique, artistic interpretations.

It was a treat to have Gena Rockwell and Jade Tremba sing on East Coast Drifter.  They sound so beautiful together and it is something I truly hope to hear more of some day. Jade came up with the background vocal arrangement.  She just ran with it.  I love what she did, and of course that's the first song on the album.   I also need to mention Beth Staley.  Gena and I paid her a visit one cold winter evening in Morgantown.  There we discussed the character "East Coast Drifter."

I thank Beth for helping us describe this character we all know so well.

Todd Stotler of Echoes Recording Studio added the sparkle and final polish with his mastering wizardry. I am grateful for having another "set of ears" to enhance the songs and balance everything out.  

In reflecting on the world situation we are experiencing, I feel that we are all in the midst of a collective "penance," if you will.  I have felt this was coming for a number of years, yet could not describe it. 

Many of us are searching for truth amid the unrest and revolution we are going through at this time.  I am looking to Nature for beauty, solace, and grounding.  I feel deep in my heart that we will come through this together in realization of our one-ness with compassion for all who inhabit this Earth.  








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