A feather from above

Well I have two hours until my appointment at Alborne's in Ellwood City to get my oil changed before I hit the road back to Shepherdstown.   I figured it's time to write about the synchronicities I have experienced on my trip. 

I missed my exit yesterday while daydreaming.  After backtracking from the next exit I saw that the exit I was supposed to take was blocked by a fire engine. 

I went to the grocery store and bought a few things.  Paid cash and found I had exactly enough money left to get home.  
$33.00. That's not the first time I ended up with exactly $33.00 when I needed it. $20 goes to the turnpike gods.

The one synchronicity event I find most intriguing is this:
I need a desk for my home office/ writing studio.  I had been looking around at my favorite junk shops in search of one that would help me keep my head/act together,  would not take up too much space,  but would serve the purpose.  Since taking an early out from my Music Ed. position with Berkeley County Schools, I missed having a desk.  Yes I believe it does keep one  grounded.  (As I blog from my phone.) I guess that's where we are now.... But anyway, I remembered that there was on in the attic at my parents' house.  

I dragged it down from the attic, and after duck taping the forever openin  door shut, I loaded it into the back of my Focus wagon.   I'm doing all of this by myself- as I made this trip solo.  Under the desk was a bright yellow feather.  It flew out on the spring wind.  I have read that when someone who has passed away is communicating, you will see coins, feathers, and other such charms.  

It must be Grandma Fosnaught.  My mom told me that was her desk and how she used to always write a lot of cards and letters. I remembered then.  I put the feather back into my car and finished loading for this trip.  Thanks Grandma.  Thank you for visiting me and thank you for the desk. I hope you don't mind if I paint it white.  ♡♡♡

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