A New Era

Lest I lose my train of thought.  I feel we are in a new era. Life changes so quickly.  I am feeling the shift as we speak.  Noticing today at the grocery store- girl scouts with cookies- I dodge them; rehearsing what I will say if approached, "I'm sorry sweetie.  I can't eat them."  Luckily they didn't ask.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  I head back to the produce department and ask for banana boxes.  I had called earlier.  "Yes you can come and get some."  "Be careful.  They have a hole in the bottom."
"Just get a shopping cart."  I am eternally grateful.  

I had hit them up at the liquor store in Ellwood City Thursday night.  "We have about six."  I pick them up and grab a bottle of Beaujolais Villages.  "Best wine in the store," the kind man assures me.  I agree every time.  How thoughtful of the young man to bring the boxes out to my car- even without a coat on this cold night.

We are in a new era.  The cosmos has shifted.  It's all we can do to stay grounded during these swift changes.

Friends assure.  Yes.  It's occurring as it should.  The chaos is all part of the ascension.  I follow the cosmologist  of my choice.  I take her words to heart.  I take part in the global meditation for peace.  Yes- it is a powerful gesture.  Yes it will bring forth unity. 

And it's Friday.  Where is the nearest fish fry?  I picked up the boxes to pack up the stuff in my parents' house.  They recently moved to a retirement community and have settled in nicely.

They have started a new chapter.  Our family is blessed and I am filled with gratitude for each day with its unique challenges.  As I head to the back of the store I see these chocolate dipped cookies.  They are unbelievably tempting and smell so amazing!  

I long for the old days of innocence and laughter.  Of Sunday Mass- when nothing could touch us.  Especially on Easter Day.  We walk in light and have no fear.  For we are surrounded by the light and the power of the Holy Spirit.  

It is just the beginning of Lent.  Why do they have all these cookies out already?  

Then I see the Easter Candy.  White chocolate crosses.
 My favorite.  Oh how lovely it was then.  So simple.  Again- why are they out already?  It's  just the beginning of Lent.  
Things are so different now.  I question yet long for the old ways as I race towards the new.  

New beginnings call as I cherish the old ways.  I sort through the treasures, junk, and clutter.  I value what I have been entrusted to sort through and scatter.  Each will land in the best possible place.  I carefully select a few to keep.  And let go of the rest.  Time to move on.  We will adapt and adjust.  

I will not allow objects to weigh me down.  I will tend to the bones and the fragments.  I will lovingly and carefully organize.  I will select and scatter; allowing my loved ones the joy of ascension without worry or care.  

And I will sing.

And I will dance.

And I will live.

And I will love.

And I will give.

And all will be as it should.


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