technology and a snow day (or two)

Yesterday we had a lovely snow day. Took the dogs for a walk at dusk- wow!  Beauty everywhere!  ( A new song may arise from the experience.) Today we're having a snow day too.  What a blessing... I love snow days!    I have so many things to do around the house.    Yet here I sit at the computer?

I am going to disappear for a while now,  doing some things I've been wanting to do since last summer.  (Like arranging my writing studio- yes it's away from all the electronic toys and other such distractions.) 

I tried to announce that my album is available on CD Baby yesterday.  I didn't see anything show up on facebook.   (Sometimes I wonder if I'm being censored.) I tried to do it through Reverbnation, and couldn't post the link to CD Baby on Reverbnation- hmmmm....can't imagine why.  Not to mention I was trying to do it on my phone since somebody (the person who does not want to be on facebook- can you guess who?) was working at home in the studio. That's where the full size computer lives, btw....

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that two wonderful ladies came to my rescue- Maria Bock, my favorite substitute Music teacher, and Victoria Leonard- an angelic childhood friend I had just reconnected with (facebook of course.)  Thank you so much for saving me!  They posted the link for me. 

I am so very grateful for these ladies.  I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have made throughout  the years! 

I am signing off now.  My album is available on CD Baby, also soon will be on  Joey Welz of Canadian American Records is distributing my music all over the world.  

He called yesterday to tell me that my song Destination Blue reached number 2 on the Independent Music Review country charts for December. 
The independent Music Review is a collection of playlist data from 100 different country stations around the world.  I definitely am happy I went with a record label as opposed to trying to do everything myself. 

 That  seems to be the ongoing debate in the music world, but I would rather spend time teaching, writing, and practicing than trying to promote my music on the computer.   I vote for getting someone to help out- publishers, etc...

So once again-  I am grateful for all the help I have received from wonderful friends.  Signing off now- yes really. Happy snow day. 

Party at the Train Station in Shepherdstown on March 22.  Featuring the people who played on the album with me and Scott-  Music will go from 7-11.  Doors open at 6.   I will post more about this later as I confirm all the performers.  All are welcome at the CD release.  CDs will be available for sale there too.    Will have some food and drink but if you want to bring a snack or drink it will be welcome! 

blessings, b


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